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I shouted toward the mountains bold and be happy and melodious wild I, ah ... you know? I was the first writer from overseas into the mountains to see you ... ... thousands of miles. This farm is a real farm; plum wine, plum wine can really intoxicating; grapefruit, the grapefruit is innocent, has not been grafted in with a real bitter sweet and schristian louboutin saleour. Bacon, sweet potato, fried pumpkin farm in Aberdeen, ... ... before and after the busy housewife Guotai, the older elders sleeves, wrist hang an oven, smiling, looking at us ... Jiuxian, nine Fairy Lake, did not see nine Sin trail, but keep the wild mountains, bright water, air and morals spotless. Just read the small Maya Ying Qing Ming Ling's blog, the three women with three perspectives describe the market yesterday that drunk, vivid lifelike, looked not help burst. And then suddenly felt envious - Beijing is one more fun Yeah, why Hangzhou circle of friends so rare it? To drink tea all join in corruption is not liberal. But they made me the envy is actually drunk ... ... you know I grew up not drunk - not to say how good drinker, a goonike shoxd self-control and reason is nothing. Only a few, are also drunk slightly smoked, drunk not drunk when the drastic braking. The earliest memories of junior high school. Time because reading's sake, his eyes began to shortsighted, very anxious parents. Thus, the traditional method of taking the next life snake, let me swallow the liquor, that can be pure heart and eyesight. What is the taste of raw snake, now long forgotten, but is that a glass of wine down the throat, but a few minutes, people began to get high, walk away not a straight line, it is suddenly up more than usual. The moment it felt right, the wall supporting the floor immediately to his bedroom closed and went to sleep. Time to think up a splitting headache, and askedchanel handbags my mom yesterday, I may have to do odd behavior? - From small mom answer you sleep very quiet, a no nonsense, how would there be strange behavior? Then thought, suddenly excited and said: Yes, before you go upstairs, he said that Madame Curie to do! Contemporary horror ... ... Khan. I really love that time is very physical, almost out of each test, also won the national competition awards. But ... I would actually say such arrogant words, we can see it really was drunk. However, to the high school, my physics devoid of love slowly. Today, the future Marie Curie code word in the brick and ... ... The second is the sophomore class went to Tiantai mapping the ancient city. It was a precious years, leaving a lot of good memories. So far I still remember tchanel shoeshose who walked between Kurau all the reveries - remember the rain that day, a man walked the old umbrella Street; remember climbing the ladder the number of brackets in the eaves, windows depicting ornamental engraving The fine pattern; remember tiptoed as ballet, as in the corrupt Mulou board carefully gone through, the building exudes the claustrophobic atmosphere of the old ... ... when all the feelings, and that is always white with the fluttering of the times letters remain in my heart. Leave when there is reception, drink very merry, but I did not drunk. As we left, this piece will be demolished to build the ancient city, just a memory mapping of these drawings to prove their existence, we are the last witness - with the disappearanbirkin bagce of the ancient city, many here feel, and never reproduce. The third is a college graduate. The atmosphere was very warm, we all drink high. The girls went to Beijing a forthcoming by Jiujin, walked over to the girls in the highly popular, retiring Professor D exclaimed the teacher I admired you for many years, before leaving to let me hug you? - Taking advantage of the other surprise, they came to a bear decisively on hold. Then the whole class got to encourage girls, lined up one after another up to embrace, so stunned I do not know who refined the elderly pair. Head in the complex next to reveal a smile (she was wife of Professor D) ... ... Finally, a lot of people are drunk, messy absurd: some people lying on the ground that nonsense, some crying, sochi flat ironme people stop laughing. Will work, Tianjin girlfriends took my hand, crying while curse: Why do you have a graduate student? Why do not you go with me to work? Why do you leave me? - We have eighteen into the school know, the bedroom, the other side as each other "husband", "wife", after the first winter school to their home, she could not bear to separate took me cry splinters, so I sad not help it. Small to large, I rarely reveal their true feelings, and the same, few people in front of me, as she did so vehemently express your emotions. I was deeply moved by that moment, became inseparable buddies since then - until today. After graduation reception, and full field investigation, only two people I was sober, we look at each other and smile, clean desknfl jerseystop, the drunken man to send back one Kangshang car - including some of the boys to death Shen . Do not be a world final. Live in dreams, come to an end. Most recently, the time is August to Yunnan. Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles of travel, at a bar in Old Town of Lijiang's sitting alone, a moment, a stranger sent Rose commissioned the waitress. Good mood, so give thanks and smile, the other moved over the table. Drink alcohol for a while, laid down in encouraging took up the microphone to sing, to win the full house cheers - feel a subtle sense: these are in a familiar environment will not do. In Hangzhou, I almost did not dip it, always felt that the place is too noisy, does not belong to me, and strangers from not drinking. Taking advantage of revelrchristian louboutiny, wrote a message in the bar: "I had a lot of way line, seen many times the cloud, drink a lot of local wine, but only in the best years to once in Lijiang - and see this sentence, ah, we would inevitably meet again in front of an office. "compliment each other read:" You really pay close attention! " dumb. He did not know I just tampered with Shen's sentence. Twelve, when three drinks, drunk, knew not drink anymore, he got up to find an excuse to leave, regardless of the retention of land alone, wrapped in shawls braved the cold back to the inn - look in the garden Lijiang Old Town over the coldest month, suddenly felt all the rich and desolate life. Blink of an eye so many years later, to the big old, but still never know, "drunk" is feeling a bitnews sorry ... but also a man and his nature not to fight, perhaps the heart has the inherent distrust and preparedness in the face of anyone can not release their emotions, right? Anyway, I hate to see people drunk out of control, they would never allow themselves to be the kind of look. So, I really envy that a group of drunk women in Beijing, ah! Who long with Ru? Seoul empty life enforcement. Drunk smile to accompany some 30,000 Jun, Wu Jin Xi He Xi Meng. Girl lost a leg in a car accident. In front of friends and relatives, the girl is a sunny girl, a car accident before that or after the accident. For some elderly parents worry less heart, her smile will spread to their own tense face; to visit friends in order not heavy, she will let their laughter filled the room. Only in love with her boys know that girls have shed many tears, there have been many struggles, her mind how much haze shrouded the sky, behind the strong have a number of vulnerabilities.

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