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Dim lighttenis nike in front of the operating room, eye-catching but stubborn, waited a long time without a trace of sound. No one out, it is forbidden, we are not even close, only vaguely felt the sharp tip is the father of abdominal surgery calmly across it like a half-open hole in the earth fission, the blood poured out like a gushing volcano's melt. Hurt? Father is no pain, his feelings were anesthetized, the nerve becomes silent, the mercy of others. Then we thought, myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, gastric perforation, peritonitis What is the relationship between. To be sure, they belong to different diseases, should not be confused, but they are also committed to congestion of the abdominal cavity, it is possible in which the turf, eating organic, cliques, adding insult to injury, deep-rooted between the derivatives and other more insidious concurrency virus, leading chi straightenerto disaster for his father. The people are anxious waiting, life, no serious illness among the relatives than waiting for the moment more anxiety, and all the time you can be very busy, but when the closest person's body is being stripped and explore when the scalpel You will definitely arrived. I believe. Anxiety lit cigarette in the corridor shuttle, emotional immersion in the smoke, the people are silent, the heart is stretched into a bow. After four hours, the surgeon relieved to come out to tell us that the surgery was very successful, and then into the intensive care unit observed a few days Jiuhaola. Doctors suddenly become the God of our hearts, I almost moved to tears. His father lived. Intensive care unit is the barriers of life care, I can through the doors of the gap, though it is only two millimeters wide, saw his father covered in a coma stughd straighteners cheapck a probe, the other end of the probe is a precision instrument, blue, red or yellow flashing numbers, such as the intensity of life and death struggle, and each time the changes are daunting. Sometimes also heard the buzzer sharp, it is the father of a body organ is on red alert, that is the critical line is the line between life. At this time, our hearts are hanging was empty, seems to be high toss, and then suspended in the air and down around the drift, but the moment they can fall into the abyss. Doors blocking my father and, although we close at hand. I have the doors resulting in a kind of awe, there closed his father's life, and perhaps the lives of others, to shut inanimate objects are daunting. Corridor is more distraught relatives, the men a big mouth to take a smoke, poor quality or incomplete combustion produced by cigarette smoke, like mostghd hair straighteners of the airport's smoking room, a very thick smoke into it almost makes breathtaking. I was worried about the fragility of the wooden door up, those who smoke will no doubt through the piece of two millimeters wide gap into the meantime, and ghosts haunt the father wildly. Father has no breathing, his breathing was broken up a doctor, then that is called a mechanical ventilator to work instead of his lungs. But those who take advantage of the smoke, and other endangered his father is sure to make people feel depressed and urgent. I am anxious to see them, but my eyes are not dangerous, no power. I thought, that discourage doctors so that they can throw away cigarette butts, or let them go to the outdoor air permeability, so that the full number of cigarette burn, so that smoke pure and original. However, from midnight to early morning, cut off almost no smoke,abercrombie and fitch the occasional shuttle doctors or nurses as if accustomed to, they were occasionally in the cigarette dangling standing far away from our throughput for a while, but never, and I look TV, Niexie not, they are great and noble, and even some pride. The next morning when the head is not high, it seems more robust family doctor to find his father's conversation. He discussed his father's condition, reminding us to have a mental preparation, and some patients in the intensive care unit until after dozens of days, that dozens of days, the patient all the time wearing a breathing machine, ventilator critically ill patients savior, and that your father's illness is very serious, did not find the cause, any time of danger, we are fully committed for treatment, but it was also the possibility of both life and wealth. I think the spear and shield. Surgeon ihollister clothings the spear, shield doctor is, spear it powerful, can overcome the shield, shield it powerful, can defeat the spear, when conflict confrontation, the spectators on a loss of. My father's stomach is not perforated, the surgeon will not trap as his father, but he had intra-abdominal drainage solution, churning his various organs, try to find the real risk factors, but without success. At this point, the father is not a heart attack, not a pulmonary embolism, in the end is what doomed the virus so that he is still a mystery. Doctor gave his father's illness a name: primary peritonitis, complicated by respiratory distress syndrome, systemic multiple organ failure. His father's life being stubborn towards the end, not by minute basis, but the second hand, left no one knows how many seconds. Doctors kept him lose antibiotics, blood tgucci sunglassesransfusions, lose albumin. Antibiotics are the best international, then the blood Needless to say, albumin name sounds good, but the hospital and have to buy their own. In the vast city streets, whereas the raw cold faint linger, we do everything possible to look for albumin, and finally know, people are generally using albumin in critically ill patients. Since this is a biological product, the production of small, mean little valuable commodity, the price of a bottle of 5 g albumin nearly $ 400, his father one day take 20 grams, while the ex-factory price per bottle, but I heard one or two hundred ... ... Sometimes dead silence of the corridor, especially at midnight or early morning, the guardian of the person or receded, or simple bed in the nap, making the gallery space Choucan light profile, the Qing Ling, a morgue is so fear. Fathernike outlet's severe illness, there is a silent, his breath is controlled, his sense of being in control of his body was in control of all his organs, have been controlled, he is not thinking, will not have language, desire, eyes, even the desire of the students are not the body totally lax. After forty days, his father said he saw in a dream a lot of acquaintances, but without exception they have been gone for years. Ah, I think it is somewhere thinking disorder, or is it superstition, the father has been referred to a gate of hell? Last consultation. The hospital across the street to two experts, we are around a long table and sat. We sat on one side and experts, the father of the surgeon and the doctor face to face with the experts, is very interesting angle. Experts calmly explained the origin of the disease, the current condition and danger; fatheclothingr 20 per cent chance of survival. I asked on the street who could transferred it? Doctor's face turned red, red-faced man can now be rare, and very rare, I would not hurt his face, self-esteem, status, authority, refused to take. Experts hesitate to say, even if transferred in the past can not guarantee cure - my mind flashed a ray of sunshine elegant, it is winter with some kind of warm sun and friendly. That ray of sunshine to penetrate reinforced concrete, through all sorts of medical equipment, through human hair, human skull, through the person's heart, clean closure, stubborn, wretched soul, so that every soul saving a fold is strand light. But his father do not know. He is the dead person. In the doctor's request, I signed the declaration for his father's death. Heavy heavy pen in my hand, fingers shaking violently, my heart surging tide of anger, but my eyes still quiet. The father was obsessed with a movement, it was a difficult move. His body full of wounds, many keep the nozzle, such as a quilt ejection riddled tank. Asleep in a tank about the seeds of failure, she needs water to nourish it, every minute the loss of water molecules are hit on the incomplete life. We did not cross the overpass carrying the stretcher, through the crowd. This is not a battlefield, not desert, it is huge city, it is the century of civilization, our civilization, a way to complete this migration. This drew to a close in the winter, in some dark afternoon, is also a complex process.

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