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a few do not know to what they are doing back and forth, until finally think of something to drink coffee, anabercrombie and fitchd that pot with milk, "Nestle" on downstairs living room coffee table, where she thought not angry. Why is bullying? Perhaps this moment, Tang Xiao Tang is for the gas and the excitement of her dancing it, as it not fool yourself one? Unscrew Guankou scoop two teaspoons children, flushing, fine mix, rice millet, coffee, juice was to dip the spoon in your mouth and gently suck child suck, a hand holding a full cup, first order first order to go upstairs. Bedroom, sun white, she easily pick up a heap in the pillow's "Ruili" magazine, looking through which the wotenis nikemen make a few pages, I feel especially Meijin Er, then shelves pull out their own personal album, "Call flapping in the wind "to turn, or laugh, or frown ... ... In this way, a boring morning began. Speaking of albums, a total of six rice millet, which is almost to the age of four she recorded the minutiae of last Sunday, her peers, no one method than with her, this is not a boast of. She gave them the name "rice millet Collected Works", a full six-volume tome, uh, run into without the knowledge of a blown leather, the standard was able to surprise the other half of tongChristian Louboutinue, she is the rice to millet effect. When the turn to the second volume, transparent film on the first page of paper sleeve, the clip has already been a horrendous time corrosion weathering color photograph of a rural woman hand pulled a three-year-old ugly niu laughing, behind the golden background is endless rape, obviously the picture of the polyethylene material of paper and plastic film between a strong chemical reaction, corrosion of the photos like a scarred asphalt road, people only Take the side road to the eye lug, while skipping the walk very carefully, very Christian Louboutin salebother children. For this, Xiaochun not recommend your own little sister to throw it away, can not let rice millet life and death, saying that the picture has a high collection value is out of print, for those who study the future of rice millet personal history experts and scholars to that priceless ah. Too exaggerated! In short, cheerful China's era of the last century rhetorical style of black humor, often the family do a laugh. She does not laugh people laugh, rice millet is such a person very seriously, because the photo of the ugly niu her, the old lady is hernike shox grandmother, her grandmother in the countryside where she spent the entire childhood adolescence, has fifteen focus of high school age admitted to the county before entering the city with their birth parents, to complete a fully familiar with the unfamiliar environment of great contrast to so suddenly, she was almost overwhelmed. In particular this point, rice millet dearest grandmother calmly completed eighty and six spring road, riding a crane to the West, and she suddenly fall into a sense of their strange and highly refused to prepare the cold world,nike 6.0 all the family are away from her, despite her parents give her sister the same situation, but she always felt that some false situation, millet or rice in a sense exclusive with serious psychological, so that a long period of emotional girl the state of hunger is not surprising. At this time, Tang Xiao Tang appeared, rice millet can not love him to death to live? Thus, rice millet naturally turn to the fifth volume of the last one, that is, taken last Saturday afternoon that a photo of affectionate tenderness Tang Xiao Tang grabbed from behind rice mnike outletillet, two of four present smile, two large head area accounts for almost half of the picture, funny. There is no doubt that this one is her love him the best during the happiest moments of a record, she's sweet rice millet time, regardless of the Tang Xiao Tang was thinking this kid is not her, in short, she could think about are his, oh, fuck surname Tang I'm angry, mad to attractiveness ah! Well, we have worship, and I still sort of students the gas, why? Rice millet want. Time screeching stop, rice millet hand did not move for ages, nor do not want chanel handbagsto move, but really no need for moving, you think, let yourself become angry for a macho man, worth it? So then, rice millet and then slowly closed the V, empty-looking eyes on the while, and free up a hand to grab the cup, do not want coffee, cold morning, determined to re-heating, and hot water bottle is downstairs, then only will a little longer. Sip a small mouth, rice millet and then they feel that coffee is not coffee, and more like other liquid beverages, and as in the end why she could not say, not what is coffee? Some of her own doubts and anger. She simply put dowchanel sunglassesn the cup, toward the window to do a chest movement, and then came back to bed, one hand turned the last page of Volume V, "hissing" from the inside out that one has just seen , then handed to the other hand, two hands either side, quickly do a tear pictures of the action, in the moment, at the bedside phone rang ... ... Sound urgent, can not hesitate, rice millet looked like telephone, who would call it? 3 Millet, I now you big door, you opened the door soon na! Propaganda is a man, the sound thick, stocky, but very hoarsbirkin bage, simply shouted out, and echoed in Tingtongli and the gate. Who? Such a hurry? Rice millet threw open her photo album from the second floor window half stars stuck his head ... ... that guy, actually, turned out to be Tang Xiao Tang. You come to me? We do not make a clean break it? M downstairs people angry red millet, and great anger. Open the door you ah? Tang Xiao Tang continues to roar, then. My family almost work, and you quietly point, OK? I called to see who is powerful today? Dispute for a while, see it did not move, rice millet had to run dreebok easytoneownstairs. She opened the door, then use the body to block the door Tang Xiao Tang, wearing a face coldly asked him, what matter? Well. Tang Xiao Tang cycling of a crooked, black tiger face, say nothing there, that attract. Outside the door, two people began pushing and shoving, compared to the effort, than later, rice millet really lost. See Tang Xiao Tang has stood in the courtyard, rice millet hand I do not know why to hold on to the cold iron door, shoulders sobbing incessantly. For a time, Tang Xiao Tang panic, he hugged his sister cried rice millet, tears rolled ochi hair straightenerut early, before love, depressed, frustrated, deception, sacrifice, cowardice, duty and sacrifice all blew out, he can be is a crying mess. See men so, rice millet hand, less crying, then she seemed to see an alien looked like Tang Xiao Tang, I watched, I do not know why the girl even laughed aloud, and it sounds more and more, Tang Xiao Tang while somehow confused. I ridiculous? Tang Xiao Tang asked her. Rice millet is not to answer, and turned into the house took a small round mirror, out into the front of the Tang Xiao Tang said you were a closer look at na, look achi hair productst your Zhulian in the end good or bad? Tang Xiao Tang swept away on the mirror, "Oh," heard, not what, his face still wearing yesterday's color it, some painted with gentian violet middle, above it showing the red, purple, blue tri-color He began with an awkward smile ah smile, but then, embarrassed a little bit of guilt which mixed the ingredients. While the flash on it, but was caught a behind rice millet. Rice millet is immersed in the love of the past were. At that time, Tang Xiao Tang's right hand had just climbed her ear lobe, so the body starts with rice milleghd straightenerst response, she closed her eyes slightly, shortness of breath, dry mouth, five seconds of dizziness, feeling so called m Millet girl back to her and his first time. Really, do not look normal they do not hug is holding, but that no further action, fuck the first time far from ideal, because both of them to no avail, is so Huangbuzelu, beggars, of the haphazard, basically are self-taught. Especially rice millet own, every cell body always in every nerve trembling, they presumptuous, they desire their greed, they had just how full of hungry ah! Like this, she gave her first gghd saleiven to a man named Tang Xiao Tang, gave her twenty-three spring birthday that afternoon. Then, they brings a surplus of energy to do the second, third, and fourth, in the comfort and Tang Xiao Tang bursts of collision, the rice turned into a happy millet Huer nimble swallow, fly free, Huer into a smart monkey, holding a tree bass bass bass climb, Huer turned into a rabbit running around, always in danger of finding happiness, Huer has become a cry of the fish in water, for their own dreams and now made a sentimental ... because love so love, all day long can be a very tough baabercrombie and fitch outletttle, which is rice millet in the first two years of life fate in the not too, and it is her desire millet m long, warm, warm, friendly, familiar, millet and rice that needs to be someone else too love too needs to be someone else hurt, in fact, long-term rice millet feelings of hunger in the state, is not she looks like disposable chopsticks to treat love the little goblins. Fell asleep the moment, Tang Xiao Tang temperature and humidity of the lip print on a pair of rice millet lobe, faint trace strands kiss, rice millet is this drunk drunk to fegucci beltel, in her memory Tang Xiao Tang is a God-given their loved ones, one of her love and who love her, how she wanted her kiss so that he never go, never stop, never ever, ... now it feels to reproduce, she is so original so introspective a long absence, her love birds come, they fly, in other words is the bird in front of others, and his wins why people love it ... ... m millet a Ji Ling, It was at that moment, Tang Xiao Tang eyes she saw the inside of a little guilt, a very false Tang Xiao Tang, she suddenly felt his chest while nausea, she desperately to go a fnike shox nzew steps beyond the introduction of the Tang Xiao Tang. Roll! The farther the better! Rice millet call. Tang Xiao Tang body be there, his face filled with surprise, long time no action. Great with rice millet whispered, surnamed Tang Get out of here, you I never had that connection, you are you I am me, I tell you, no - the door! Tang Xiao Tang said, millet you listen to my explanation, OK? Tang Xiao Tang rice millet did not wait to the last "good" word finished, they say, I do not listen. Tang Xiao Tang is also her desperhermes beltate, octave voice will be increased, say, you shout what shout, she and I have been blown up last night, what you want me? Having said on whining cry. Rice millet head suddenly hot, excited does not know what to say, in fact, she did not think Tang Xiao Tang because of her own and with another break, and yesterday she and her eight-year war he is fighting it, do not want today reconciled , and comes down, Tang Xiao Tang's conscience is not a dog eat ah! Rice millet whim up suddenly, she was with the desire to miss Baoyi Bao Tang Xiao Tang, but now is thehollister outlet time and place do not have, especially the time is near 11:30, should have prepared lunch, she over and over again in the heart meditation, if Tang Xiao Tang made this request at the moment, I answered in the affirmative, no ah no, resolutely not ... ... However, Tang Xiao Tang active clinging meters millet, her body about on the soft, soft into a long long cotton candy, stick to the Tang Xiao Tang who will never throw off, and so have the opportunity Tang Xiao Tang and unnatural, I saw him and kissed her more than all the way, do not hesiabercrombie & fitchtate the ground floor. Ten minutes. Into the bedroom, strip, such as the two eel-like cruising happily on the bed, all the movements are being eager to complete each other warm. ... ... Sweep the battlefield when the meter face on the red millet quickly faded, replaced by a extreme panic, she "snapped" what shut the door, the wall clock shows less than eighteen minutes short of twelve , that is, eleven forty-two, her family is on the way home, this time to leave the Tang Xiao Tang, and they will no doubt go a meet, she and his story certainly camegucci outlet to light, can not let him this time go, but, but let him go its own how should we do? - Just a second effort, rice millet in the bedroom eyes, they ran a few laps children, until no longer run, and they only had to Tang Xiao Tang goes against the pig face, breathing breathing heavily. How to do? You ask me, I asked Who? I asked you in the end how to do? How can I do, God? Into the earth? Jumping? Shashi Hou thoughts are still with you I Shuapin Zui, you, you you, let me think again ... ... Oh, my mother back to her old, you quickly drill down big bed! Ten million Hush! He newshad done speaking, rice millet to uncover his roots ran downstairs, running while his mouth promised something, Tang Xiao Tang lying on the bed only to hear their mother and daughter made some very silly dialogue, such as the downstairs the door for me it is not how to starve the rice does not do you know how I did that thing like a Lan Mao, the mother did not discover that her daughter's not normal, this way they will be assured Tang Xiao Tang , and later he was lying in bed actually sleeping under the whirring whirring passed, more ludicrous, he laughed while sleeping side, which quietlyclothing serial water soaked shirt to the left of the yellow jacket shoulders of a small child ... ... Tang Xiao Tang was rice millet and other wake up when the time is over one and a half hours. M Millet asked, kid, you dream of the aunt is not just you? Tang Xiao Tang rubbed his eyes, I dreamed that I would love to write poetry, do not believe? You hear: Do not look for objects in the unit Had very little number Workshop needed Skeleton Instructions take a good director M fiercely pounding millet Tang Xiao Tang bit, saying that Atta boy, you dare me? Tang Xiao Tang hurried apology, the other just give up. Rice millet meal has a lot of problems, always very loud mouth suck, how did that before, especially like this between a few steps closer to listen, "Bajibaji", "Bajibaji", which Tang Xiao Tang rain-delayed resentment. But on another point of imagination, millet, rice is also good mood good appetite, or how that mouth suck to be so exaggerated it? Rice millet foot kick under the bed to get the Tang Xiao Tang, and hospitality like a dog like that, Hello, my Hatten, the great Tang, hungry, right? I quickly climbed out and eat the leftovers, hee hee hee. Tang Xiao Tang intolerable, Growl Road, civilized, and who is your Hatten you? They called like a dog, and more ugly ah. Rice millet not serious to say, I take good civilization, I come back again, please be careful Tang Xiao Tang comrades meal! Tang Xiao Tang asked, carefully? Poisoned food inside it? Rice millet obviously unhappy, and said, kindly as a donkey hepatopulmonary, poison you! Tang Xiao Tang he tried to retort, I suddenly heard the door to ask in late autumn rice, millet and who you speak it? Rice millet scared spit tongue, that I own. Xiaochun then lost one, crazy. Rice millet quickly returned to normal, and returned the pledge sister said, you are crazy then. In fact, Tang Xiao Tang know what they both are not crazy, but her sister's ulterior do nothing. After a child, rice millet and strong could not help himself, and asked Tang Xiao Tang, our family's garlic noodles children good?

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